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Access to four recorded webinars specially curated for preparing your portfolio for submission. Save 50% on this limited time course bundle.

Get access to:
• Developing a Portfolio for Licensing
• The Big Pitch
• 5 Things You Need to be a Successful Artist
• Designing New Art – Key Considerations

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As an artist, you are constantly navigating the ins and outs of a complex industry, when–let’s face it–what you really want to focus your energy on is creating! We’ve assembled a panel of experts to provide educational content on topics that are specific to your needs. Our live Q&A sessions will give you direct access to experts in the field and help answer your questions so that you can take the next steps in growing your business and brand.

Designing Ahead: Trends in Print, Pattern & Color for 2025

Gain exclusive insight into the key drivers for these trends and how each is forecasted to manifest on products and get a glimpse into some need-to-know color palettes that will align with them.

Designing Ahead Webinar

Designing Ahead: Print & Pattern Trends for 2024

Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive insight into some of the print, pattern, and iconography that will be trending across product categories in 2024.

Developing my Portfolio for Licensing

Learn how to ensure you have a comprehensive portfolio that is both unique and commercial – along with how frequently to be creating new art.

How to get My Art In front of Manufacturers

Considerations that should inform your decisions about what to create and ensuring your portfolio is marketable.

Protect Yourself! Understanding Copyrights and Trademarks

Learn key fundamentals about registering your trademark and copyrighting your designs. You’ll learn how to get started, costs involved and potential risks and pitfalls.

The 5 things you need to be a successful artist

This session will provide helpful tips and resources to help take your business to the next level.

The Big Pitch: How To Create A Brand Book

Learn how to create this important sales tool from the creative director at Jewel Branding & Licensing.

Designing New Art: Key Considerations

Considerations that should inform your decisions about what to create and ensuring your portfolio is marketable.

The Coveted Collab: Transitioning from an Artist to a Brand

Learn how to get noticed, build your portfolio, and market yourself to high-profile partners.

Color, Print & Pattern: Trends For 2023 & Beyond

Gain insight into where new trends originate and when to adopt them.

The Rise of the Artist Collab

Effective strategies manufacturers can use to maximize artists collabs.



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