Artonomo Enterprise

A powerful solution for creative agencies, brand owners, archives, and content intensive professional teams seeking a platform that manages content, contracts, CRM, and workflow.  With Artonomo Enterprise, businesses can drive efficiencies and spend more time selling and less time managing content.

Artonomo Enterprise includes:

  • Advanced Portfolio Search tools
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Contract Management
  • 1 TB Storage
  • Agent/Team Member/Liaison management
  • Unlimited Users
  • Mobile iOS app
  • Customized interface and seamless integration with your website
  • Dedicated account team
  • Financial Management and Royalty Tracking
  • Optional add-ons for customized reporting features, search tools, and dashboards.

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Personalized Home Dashboard

  • Pull data from all areas of Artonomo and highlight recent logins, top opportunities, recent registrations, all in one place
  • Customize your own dashboard to highlight what is important to you
  • Login and immediately see what is going on with your business and what needs attention

Contract Management

  • Create and manage contracts with accounts while tracking product categories, digital content, expiration dates, and customizable data
  • Track contracts from draft, to signature and completion
  • Review approvals of final products and work with licensees to track approval flow
  • View custom reports
  • Financial and royalty tracking modules available

Digital Asset Management

  • Upload, categorize and store hi-res assets
  • Manage availability of assets for customers, vendors, and partners
  • Allow access and communicate to external customers, vendors, and collaborating agencies via a registration system to view, select, and request assets
  • Customized interface and seamless integration with your website

Customer Relationship Management

  • Track and manage accounts and contacts and assign liaisons to sales representatives
  • Assign a variety of team roles with specified access and reporting
  • Notify team members and liaisons when accounts or individuals log in to review assets and perform other activities
  • Generate reports that show the search and browsing history of external vendors, partners, and clients informing you of the content that interests them

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