Affordable pricing plans

Artonomo is a powerful new business platform made by creators with design and art licensing in mind –a one-stop solution that manages your entire creative business in one place.


Artist Pro plan

The pro plan provides artists with a comprehensive solution to manage artwork, track and report progress, and streamline both contract and contact management.

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enterprise plan

The enterprise plan simplifies artwork management, progress tracking, and contract and contact management for agencies, brand owners, and content-intensive professional teams.

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Take your business to the next level

With Artonomo by your side you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Customer relationship management

Get ready to take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level! Our platform helps you track and manage accounts and contacts, assign team roles, generate reports, and stay informed about account activity with ease.

Assign team roles with specified access and reporting.

Generate reports that show the search and browsing history of external vendors, partners, and clients.

Contract management

Create and manage contracts with accounts while tracking product categories, digital content, and expiration dates.

Track contracts from draft, to signature and completion

Financial and royalty tracking modules available

View custom reports

Personalized dashboard

Customize your own dashboard to highlight what is important to you!

Highlight recent logins, top opportunities, recent registrations, all in one place.

See what is going on with
your business.

Digital asset management

Allow access and communicate to external customers, vendors, and collaborating agencies to view, select and request assets.

Manage availability of assets for customers, vendors, and partners

Customized interface and seamless integration with your website.

Upload, categorize and store
hi-res assets.

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Person domain

10GB storage

Advanced search tools

iOS app

Finanial management

Reporting and tracking



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Can I customize the system to fit my specific needs?

What kind of customer support and training do you provide?

What is an art cms, and how can it benefit my business?

How do I create an account and get started using your application?

How does your system handle contract and contact management?

Artonomo Enterprise


What our customers say

We are thrilled to receive positive feedback from our customers, and are grateful for their support and satisfaction with our products and services.

“We fell for Artonomo as soon as we saw the demo. The easy of uploading and tagging swayed us away from the system we were using, while the responsiveness and helpfulness of the Artonomo team sealed the deal for us. We find the reporting to be very useful in helping us anticipate the needs of our clients. We are very happy using Artonomo to present our work to the world!”

Donna Catanese

The Brooklyn Nest