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Showcase Bootcamp is a new virtual event where artists can gain valuable insights from top licensing industry leaders

As an artist, you are constantly navigating the ins and outs of a complex industry, when–let’s face it–what you really want to focus your energy on is creating!  We’ve assembled a panel of experts to provide educational content on topics that are specific to your needs, including tools to be a successful artist, how to build your brand, how to create a compelling brand book, and so much more.  Our live Q&A sessions will give you direct access to experts in the field and help answer your questions so that you can take the next steps in growing your business and brand.

Artist Bootcamp includes 4 daily one-hour courses and Q&A with industry experts.
Join us live or watch at your leisure.

Register by March 15 to receive Early Bird pricing of $100
After March 15, the price increases to $125  

         *Registrations received after Sunday, April 24 cannot watch webinars live but will be sent recordings at the conclusion of the event.

Showcase Bootcamp Courses


The 5 Things You Need to Be a Successful Artist

Monday at 12:00 ET
Hear from licensing industry experts about the 5 things you need to ensure your art licensing business is on the path to success. This session will provide helpful tips and resources to help take your business to the next level. Whether you’re an emerging or established licensed artist, you won’t want to miss this informative session.

Carol White, VP Art Licensing, Jewel
Cathy Anderson, MHS Licensing

The Big Pitch: How to Create a Brand Book

Tuesday at 12:00 ET
A compelling brand book is a key asset for pitching your work to potential licensees. Learn how to create this important sales tool from the creative director at Jewel Branding & Licensing.

Samira Henley, VP Licensing, Jewel
Meredith Counts, Creative Director, Jewel

Designing New Art: Key Considerations

Wednesday at 12:00 ET
Why do some designs get licensed over others?  And what’s the secret to creating full collections that will sell?  Join this informative session to learn about the many important considerations that should inform your decisions about what to create and how to ensure your portfolio is marketable.

Cat Coquillette, Founder and Designer of CatCoq
Elizabeth Silver, Surface Designer and Artist
Katie Sklenar, Founder and Designer of Border Bloom

The Coveted Collab: Transitioning from an Artist to a Brand

Thursday at 12:00 ET
Have you ever wondered how artists get collaboration deals with top retailers and brands? Join this session to gain insights from industry professionals who have partnered with top companies such as Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Van’s, Sephora, Macy’s, and more. Learn how to get noticed, build your portfolio, and market yourself to be attractive to high-profile partners.

Jessi Raulet, Founder and Designer of EttaVee
Ilana Wilensky, President, Jewel Branding & Licensing