How our biggest problem became YOUR perfect solution

Several years ago, Jewel Branding & Licensing was struggling to manage its archive of over 50,000 images and 2000+ customers. There wasn’t a software on the market that could do what we needed without investing thousands and thousands of dollars – and even then, we were limited to the features and capabilities that they offered.

So . . . we decided to build our own.

For the past 8 years we’ve been developing and fine tuning our software platform for our customers to see all of our artwork in one place, with state-of-the-art search tools to help them find key words, themes, and categories.

The result? Customers were able to search our database on their own schedule, and find exactly what they were looking for, growing our company revenue by over 600%.

Realizing how efficient and effective the software was – we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves! This software charged our business – and we want it to change yours.

Artonomo is now available to artists and creators worldwide. Take control of your portfolio by uploading, managing, and tagging your own work – and ultimately getting it seen by the manufacturers and licensees that are looking for amazing creative work.  Get started on Artonomo today!